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Madonna Ruins Everything March 31, 2008

Filed under: People Mallori Hates — mallori612 @ 7:52 pm

casablanca.jpgThere is a rumor going around and it actually made me tear up.  Madonna. Remaking. Casablanca.

I am no movie buff.  I don’t really even like going to the movies or watching movies, all that much.  But I love Casablanca.  The story, the direction, the characters, the scenery, the acting- everything is perfect.  To me, it is the standard on which all other movies are compared.  Even the best modern actors could not re-do this movie and make it anything more than a failure.  You can’t top perfection.  But Madonna? Really?  I’ve never liked her (true story: as a baby, I would bop along to Whitney Houston but stand/sit still for Madonna) but this makes me feel all kinds of stabby.

Please, world, do not let this happen.


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