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Missed connections March 31, 2008

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Sometimes the world gets me down. I mean like today for instance…it’s a Monday and yet another rainy, shit day in nyc and to top it all off, I actually have to do some work. And I can’t even figure out if Brad and Angie even got married over the weekend…what the fuck.

But then I looked in the Missed Connections section on craigs list and found this:

You vomited, I fell in love. Saturday L Train to Union Square. – m4w – 26 (Union Square)

You kinda caught my eye at first but its not unusual seeing cute girls on the L train from Brooklyn. Then you vomited and stole my heart. The way the sick was reflected in your blue green eyes made my heart sing. The way you swallowed a bit to try and lessen the scene. My vunerable barfing angel. I know this is unorthodox but I’d love to get together and drink as much as you must have done on friday night, maybe we can hurl together and then… the world is our toilet basin.

Ahh…romance is alive.


Madonna Ruins Everything

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casablanca.jpgThere is a rumor going around and it actually made me tear up.  Madonna. Remaking. Casablanca.

I am no movie buff.  I don’t really even like going to the movies or watching movies, all that much.  But I love Casablanca.  The story, the direction, the characters, the scenery, the acting- everything is perfect.  To me, it is the standard on which all other movies are compared.  Even the best modern actors could not re-do this movie and make it anything more than a failure.  You can’t top perfection.  But Madonna? Really?  I’ve never liked her (true story: as a baby, I would bop along to Whitney Houston but stand/sit still for Madonna) but this makes me feel all kinds of stabby.

Please, world, do not let this happen.


Lessons from SBTB:

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“Pipe Dreams” – Airdate: 10/26/91The gang does a biology project with the animals in the pond out beside Bayside. Zack and the gang take care of “Becky,” an injured duck. Oil is discovered after a digging for a new goal post and an oil company wants to destroy the pond.

Lesson to be learned: Mother earth is crying…give her a hug.


Wild, Wild West

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western_office_party_4.jpgThe other day I randomly ended up on the Oriental Trading website.  I clicked on “Workplace FUN!” and  was taught how to create a Western theme party in my office.  According to the picture,the party includes bandanas, cowboy hats, plastic “deputy sheriff” badges, an obnoxious white guy giving the thumbs up, a woman looking happy to be at work, and a black guy subtly leaning back in his chair as if to say “Howdy, pardner.” LOL, a company with the term “Oriental” in their name is trying to be p.c.


Once just wasn’t enough:

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From Fox News (natch):

BREMERTON, Wash. — A 48-year-old Kitsap County man was arrested twice in the same day by State Patrol troopers for drunken driving.

The Seabeck man’s arrest on Friday night was his fifth drunken-driving arrest. He was found to have a blood-alcohol level of more than four times the legal limit.

The State Patrol says the man also was arrested on Friday morning, when he had a blood-alcohol level of nearly five times the legal limit.


It’s funny when people fall.

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Have a nice trip Paris…

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See you next fall.